Silicone Lubricating Grease-Plastic and Metal SM1208WA


1 lb. Jar (454gm)  Useful as corrosion inhibitor, plastic gear lubricant, metal bearing lubricant, water repellent, and mold release.  Applications include automotive seat belt re-tractors,  recreational vehicles, bicycle wheel bearings and chain drives.  Equal to Shin Etsu G-501.


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SM1208WA is silicone oil based; lithium filled lubricating grease designed for adaptability in a wide range of applications where contacting surfaces are under medium to light loads, and where wide temperature ranges are expected.  SM1208WA is useful as corrosion inhibitor, plastic gear and metal bearing lubricant and water repellent.  SM1208WA features minimal separation at temperatures up to 190 degrees C, low volatility, and is non corrosive to plastics.  Competitive offset is Shin Etsu G-501.

Also available in other packaging including caulking tubes and typical squeeze tubes.

Product Data Sheet:  SM1208WA

Part No. SM1208WA/1lb

Color:  Cream to off-white.

Additional information

Weight 1.125 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
Replacement For:

Shin Etsu G-501

Packaging Options:

Available in tubes and cartridges. Email Customer Service at


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