Insulator Coating-Silicone Siltech 300HV




 Siltech 300HV is a silicone grease compound designed to coat and protect high voltage insulators from tracking and flashover that can be the result of contamination build-up caused by moisture (rain, high humidity, etc), combining with pollens, dirt, salts, etc., on the surface of the insulator.  300HV is formulated using the highest quality silicone oils.  300HV contains a higher content of flame retardant and arc-resistant fillers than other similar products, which are fundamental to providing long term resistance to arcing and flashovers.  300HV is UV resistant and does not harden or crack when exposed to outdoor environments.  It remains soft and pliable, which helps trap and engulf contaminants.  May be diluted with solvent for spray or paint-on applications.  300HV may also be brushed on or hand-applied directly from the container.


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Available in 1 and 5 gallon pails.

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Replacement For

Dow Corning DC-3099